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I need some suggestions on how to give a reluctant dog a bath. No amount of persuasion will get Nicky into the bathtub and he's too heavy for me to lift. I also have a separate shower, but it's too small for the both of us.

I bathed him once out on the patio using the hose, but it wasn't easy. It's hard to wash a dog and hang onto his leash at the same time. All he wanted to do was get away from me! He has had a couple of baths by a student groomer, but that won't be possible again until after January.

I'd really like to do the job myself, if I could figure out how. How?
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Would some steps by the tub work? I guess this depends on how reluctant he is. :? you have anyone that can help you get him in tub or shower? then you need to keep sweet baby talking your dog ...okay you can even sing , I have and it calms them down. Keep up the praise and wash himi fast.
Eventually he'll calm down.
with peanut i sat in the tub with her . with Max i used the shower and hand held spray on low stream with warm water.

NOW both doodles will go easily into the tub and i still sweet talk them.
Annabelle hated the tub but last time she walked in I put her front paw in, she put other one in and i lifted her butt - she was in ! not happy but had a nice bath and did well

if its nice out we attach hose to laundry tub and run hose out front door and bath her in the yard, she actually prefers that
I have gotten in the shower with Coco, but she's so big now isn't the easiest. :shock:
Outside this summer, we would use the hose
...I sat on a chair on the patio...
so she wouldn't get into mud
and she was tied to the leg of it, I was somewhat hands free to wash her quickly.
I have done it with one hand on the leash and one scrubbing
....NOT EASY!! :?
In the winter...I am hoping I can get her in the tub,
never have done that before.....
I don't expect her to like it.
I have a hand held shower wand in the shower
and I have stood outside the shower with the door
open and turned the sprayer on and off...that kills my back!
....leaning into the shower stall from outside it.
I need a sprayer for the tub now and try that. Hope she doesn't try to jump out and take off.....that wouldn't surprise me, either.
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I put a kiddie pool (which Cali likes) next to a small tree. I leashed her to the tree and used the hose for her bath. It at least freed up both hands for washing her. Of course she wanted to do a doodle 500 after and rub herself off on the ground. At least we got the deep down dirt off! Wintertime in the bath will be more of a challenge.
I don't think I can help you there. We bathe Cinnamon in our heated garage with a hose. It's a little chilly in the winter, but I don't have to clean it after. She doesn't like it, but I have tried to get her in the tub or shower - no go.

I have a friend that will get her dogs into her walk in shower and strip to get in with them. she then proceeds to wash her dogs. It's a huge thing, but not every one has one of those either.

Calismom seems to have a good thing with her child's pool by the tree, but I'm not sure where you're going to get one of those now. Tying him down while the hose is going might be your best bet. Good luck!
that's a tough one. Dex will jump in the tub, but we have to carry Kirby in...luckily he's only 50 lbs. can you try luring him w/a treat? Ours lately have been crazy about their Kongs so we've been using them to bribe them with (baths, brushing, going into the crate, etc).
I had to bathe 2 girls today....bending over the tub....I feel your pain!
Usually I have one of the kids help me with the adult dogs if I need a spotter to keep Jasmine or Copper in the tub.

HOWEVER, have you looked into one of the do-it-yourself dog-bathing shops in your area? There's a fee for using their water, shampoo and equipment, but it's less than a full-service grooming.

Just another thought..........hope all this input helps!

At my old house I used to do the bathing in our garage, with the hose hooked up to the sink in our kitchen....I bought a lightweight hose, so it was really clean and the gizmo to attach to the faucet and stretched it out the kitchen door into the garage...that way we could use warm water when it was chilly.

Another thought, is all.
Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! I've tried all sorts of treat bribes to get Nicky in the bathtub, but he won't even enter the bathroom unless I drag him in with the leash! He will drink from his kiddy pool, but won't go in it unless there's no water!

I've discovered there is a do-it-yourself dog bathing shop about 10 miles away. I think I'll go take a look at it. It may be my best solution.

Also, I've figured out the avatar thing and put a closeup of Nicky's face for the picture so you can now see what he looks like.
Nickey is adorable, I love his coloring. I have visited our local doggy wash, but I was concerned with fleas, or diesese. Let me know what you think when you go, or any ideas to ensure it's germ and flea free.
We have friends that go to a dog wash and they love it. There is someone there to help you if you need it and the tubs are the right height. They're an older couple that have a very energetic Shepherd mix, so it's not a little dog either.
I also like Nickey's coloring. I have always loved red dogs, oh and chocolate dogs too! My husband is now liking the red color. Let me clarify: he's finally ok on the red color, not necessarily a red puppy!! --If that makes sense . . . :roll:
Nicky has a coat of many of colors. The hair on his nose is sun-bleached blondish reddish but the rest of his head is chocolate. His back is sun-bleached reddish brown with a darker brown on his back near his chocolate tail. The hair on his legs is lighter than on other parts of his body. After a haircut cut he looks more uniformly chocolate.

His eyes are a magnificent gold!

People stop us and say, "What a beautiful dog! What kind is he?"
He has a little more curl than Cinnamon, but that's what her coloring is, too. Chocolate with the red & blonde highlights.
Cali's coat looks like black velvet when clipped short for the summer. Now that it is growing out it is silver-tipped on her head, shoulders and hind quarters. She looks quite motley at the moment, with some fur lab-like and some wavy. We love her anyway! :D
Bailey had such a bad skin infection when we got him that he had to be bathed three times a week with medicine from the vet....he loves it! Sometimes I find him just sitting in the tub! :shock:

He knows the word "bath" and marches right in and immediately lays down! I take it this is not the norm? LOL

My 8 pounder is a different story...she requires a lot of smooth talkin' and treats!
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