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Funny when I saw this thread. My doodle Digby is a year and we have had him for three months (rescue) anyways, was never fearful or anything and now he has had two incident with barking excessive w/ strangers but this was at our house and in our van. We have been to Petsmart and he was no problem, was a perfect gentlemen. Maybe they are having anxiety or something. When my guy barks he gets a firm NO and he settles down. We have a schnauzer and they bark and everything, but from when he was 6 wks. we condoned the behavior and people can't believe that he is yappy, he is yippy though he is 12 and is not in the best of health and so we are dealing with the biting issue, so I figure, that the doddle is picking up on some of his quirks! Not gonna happen here.

We are working on it :)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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