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My Dora barks when she is alone in the kitchen at night. We have stuck to the same thing. We say "quiet" and I point to her corner and she lays down on her blanket. I have one of those zip lines in my yard that I put her on when the boys play outside. That way they can play with her with out worrying about letting go of the leash. The more we play with her and walk her the better she settles at night. I have found out they are kind of like kids. If you go to them everytime they bark, then they know how to get you back to them. And my great grandma always said "bad" attention was still attention!!
I saw on one of those puppy training videos to put pennies in an empty soda can and shake it and then tell them quiet. I haven't had to do that yet, but I heard it works. Kind of startles them and it is an alternative to spanking or yelling.
Good luck!
Beth and Dora
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