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Baby Outlet covers?

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So the place we've decided to put Napa's crate in has an outlet on the wall. I didn't know if we should go out and find baby outlet covers so he doesn't try to lick the outlet and electricute himself? And if so, has anyone tried a type that worked, and the puppy didn't chew? Also, seeing as I haven't had to buy baby things- for me or for friends- I'm not sure where to go to get them. We found some at Target, but we weren't sure they would work, and the closest Babies R Us is in Saucalito (I totally spelled that wrong), which is 45 mins away and we just don't have time to go there today.

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I've never had a problem with the puppies and outlets so I'm not much help.
Never had a problem with outlets although Dakota did chew a power cord once, so when I'm not using an appliance, I do make sure to unplug it!
We tried those little plastic plug covers with Dexter. We usually found them lying on the ground all chewed up. I think there are 2 left (out of 20) in the wall. He's lost interest now...
I put outlet covers into my outlets when my granddaughter started to be mobile. The dogs have never bothered with them, but my granddaughter started to play with them after she saw me put one back into the outlet after I vacuumed. I would suggest that if you do use them, don't let your dog see you put it in.
We already had them in place before we got Denver
as we have a cat who likes to stick her paw in there :oops:
Denver has never paid any attention to them.
I have an outlet behind the dogs waterbowl - I have had a piece of clear plastic packing tape over it for 10 years - no one has messed with it and it's not come off - if you do not plan on using that outlet at all, they do make solid covers for outlets- you take the outlet cover with the holes off and screw on the solid cover or they make ones that you can use but have to turn to plug in when not in use they are covered - called Swivel Outlet Covers ... 0401999000

If you choose to use the safety plugs you plug in to socket, you can buy them at walmart, lowes, home depot
Thanks guys! I think I'll just move the crate out from the wall for a little bit. We're very quickly running out of time!
Paintsmeblue said:
Thanks guys! I think I'll just move the crate out from the wall for a little bit. We're very quickly running out of time!
We use them here and the pup never bothers with them. You can also buy them online for very cheap.
Till this post I never even thought of covering outlets like i had to withmy kids. Then again most of mine aren't exposed and/or being used.

you could just move the crate which sounds easiest
I've got the crate kiddy-corner in the room, with the outlet away from the crate. So we'll see how it works tonight.
I cant imagine licking the outlet would do anything, but even if it would the dog would only lick it once :) We dont use outlet covers with the kids or the dogs. As was mentioned earlier, they become toys to both kids and dogs!
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