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The other day our neighbors were walking with their 2 year old and 3 year old. The 3 year old is terrified of dogs. She wanted to pet Chester but was scared. My husband held Chester's collar as he sat nicely and finally (when Chester was looking the other way) she started petting his back. Then ran away. Chester then just laid down on the driveway and she came back and did the same thing. It was so cute. Her sister on the other hand---the fearless one---just walked up and gave Chester a kiss. The parents said they'd never seen either of the girls act that way. He was so sweet with them. It was an awwww....moment.
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How sweet is that?? I get that all the time. Phantom can be such a wild boy, but he loves kids!!!
And just a mush around them!

I talked to another LD owner at the dog park, she said she was at the Arlington Park Pet Expo and someone told her they heard Labradoodles can be vicious. We laughed our heads off over that.

Yep vicious tail waggers and lickers! :lol:

I know any dog could possibly become mean but its not like we've seen the headlines regarding a Labradoodle attacking small kids like we've seen about some other breeds.
LOL.. I went to the Arlington Pet Expo too!! I did not hear any comments on labradoodles though! Any dog can turn vicious, but nope, I have not seen any headlines like that.. LOL
Oh that is so sweet! What a great ambasador Chester is! Children are really good at judging character! Cute story, thanks!
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