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A few months ago we were having flea issues with our three dogs, Since then we got it under control and bye bye fleas by covering most of our grass that was shaded with euculyptus mulch and constant bathing and using essential oils on them, putting diatomacious earth out when i knew it wouldnt rain.

Anyways, since Lincoln is sooooo full of hair i want to make sure they all stay flea free so i got a natural flea powder that our health food store makes. I thought i would share the ingredients in case anyone wants to make something similar. I make sure to get it really good in his fur with out shaking it out so nobody is breathing in powder. Great for ticks to and smells great and best it is safe.

Flea N Tick powder

food grade diatomacious earth

neem powder

neem oil ( we use neem oil to treat our lawn for all sorts of things it is great)

citronella oil

eucalyptus oil

pennyroyal oil

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