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Austin plays with burrs.....Trip to the groomers

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I have been thinking about getting Austin groomed because he gets hot so easy. But after camping and trying to pull burrs out of his fur it had to happen sooner than later. So we decided for just once to just go all out and get a short shave. I also wanted to at least once see what his little face looked like. I know now that next summer I don't want his face done again. I can't believe how he really looks like a poodle.....So enjoy the pictures.... I do like that his fur feels like velvet



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He is a darling anyway!
Still, I'd let the groomer know that he is NOT a Poodle and that you are not happy with his cut...I think I"d ask to take the pom-pom off he top of his head and match the clip to the puppy cut all over his body...that would look just great.
He is a beautiful dog and sometimes they do get into burrs (mine do too) and a summer cut is great...this one might just grow on you!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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