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Atlanta Romp Pictures

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It was a beautiful day for a Romp!

Last year's conga line... this year's leap frog line. :lol:

Here's Hershey

Charlie hung out with a couple of Great Danes

This doodle found an interesting way to cool off -- in the water buckets.

Here's Charlie. This was his first experience with a dog park and he loved it!

Here is a group shot. Full-size panoramics are available on my website.

We had 11 rescues. That was about 1/3 of the doodles!!!

You can go to the link below for many, many more pictures. Enjoy!

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:shock: :oops: Double post!! See below! :oops:
Amazing photos Bryan!! Thank you so much for a puppy fix to the nth degree!

Looks like it was a butt sniffin' run all out good time!! Looks like the doodles had a good time too.... :wink: :lol:

It was nice that you posted the rescues separate also......Bless each and ever one of them!!
Looks like a good time was had by all!! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love to see so many doodles in one place.
great photos ! I love the doodle in the bucket :wink:
Great pictures! I was so sad to miss it! Next year will not plan a vacation on the same weekend!
Great photo's!
I wish they had held ours outside!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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