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Hi Marina, welcome!
I wish I could say that a Labradoodle would be perfect for you... but there are no promises with these dogs. Most multigen breeders will say that you have a better chance with a multigen...and that may be true.
I know that the F1 is such a close match that many of them do shed and many aggravate allergies...but not all. My F1s do shed, but my very allergic husband has no negative reaction to them.
F1Bs are a little more consistent because of the increased Poodle in them.
A flat coat will probably be problematic for you.
I suggest that you attend a doodle romp or find a doodle or two to snuggle with and see how you react. Then try to go to the same breeder to order a dog from the same parents if you find a good reaction.
I wish it was easy to say for sure, but it just isn't. It is often trial and error.
Sometimes dogs are rehomed because the new owner assumed that all doods were non allergenic...and when they found out that was not the case, a beloved family member was being sent away...very be sure, if you can, before you buy one.
Good luck...hope you will stay in touch and let us know how it goes for you!
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