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Are we getting closer

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We had some friends over Saturday night. Tanner did his usual ballistic barking and carrying on. Eventually, with everyone tossing him a treat he joined us in the living room and laid quietly by my chair. If our guests moved from their chairs though he started barking at them again.

What more can I do?...If I leave him in another room or put him outside he barks even more.

He is fine once the same person comes to visit after a few times....then he is gushy friendly but until he feels sure of them, he is very territorial.
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:) I find that our doodles are more comfortable with visitors when we have people over more frequently. I also give them their knuckle bones when visitors arrive (they don't get them very often). They are so into their bones that they don't realize people are over. Maybe you could try distracting him with a really good treat? Dex used to jump all over our guests regardless of what we he will maybe jump up once but not much more than that.

I have found that Dexter is better around visitors since we have had Kirby. Kirby is much calmer when people come in and Dex has followed his lead a bit...I know this doesn't help you now, but maybe in the future :)
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