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Are these shelter dogs Labradoodles?

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I received an email from Franklin county Humane Society In frankfort ky today...

I am wondering if you could take your time and tell me if you think the two dogs Razz and Lilly are Labradoodle mixes. Please let me know something, on the website they are listed as shepherd mixes untill we get some idea of what they are.
Thank You,
Here are the dogs...



Thanks for your help, gang![/url]
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Wow....they sure look doodle-ish to me - both of them!! I'd vote 'yes'.

(P.S. - hiya Mark. Nice to see you posting!)

PM me your new email address!!!

...their coloring is odd which makes me wonder if they might be another breed mixed with the standard poodle. And Razz's tail is awfully long for a Labradoodle.
maybe a Shepadoodle????----shepard/poodle mix???
Personally IMO i would not label them labradoodles
the first thing I thought of when I looked at Razz, that he looked like sheepdog and poodle.....
I'd vote no.
Shows how much I know...... :p
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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