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If allergies are a big concern, you may confine you and your puppy selection in a small area and see if you have any reactions.

I am happy to report that the flat coated pups that we have had have not bothered the people that had asthma or allergies. Different people have reactions to different things, but all in all in terms of allergy friendly no matter what generation we have found that Labradoodles of all hair types work well. the shedding factor is more inconsistent than the hypo-allergenic factor.

Usually the ones that might shed are the thick, coarser, wavy or curly coats. My velvets as I like to call the Labby Look have not had an issue with shedding, but some breeders have different results. Maybe different people's stock develops differently, so I can only speak about my own.

Knowing the coat development is just one more reason to buy from an experienced breeder that follows her puppies development throughout life. It would seem that the more litters breeders have to compare with the same breeding stock, the better their prediction results.

A California University is studying the shedding and allergens in Labradoodles now, but I think it is just a broad labradoodles study not specifying generation or coat type. It will a valuable tool for breeders and prospective owners if complete litters of various generations can be compared against each other so we could have hard cold facts about the differences. Until such a study we have to rely on each other as breeders to share our results with one another and the world making educated guesses with our limited knowledge and litter experiences.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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