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Crazy doodle too!

We are also dealing with a hyper doodle!

She is 5 months old also. I walk her first thing in the morning, late afternoon and evening, but she still has endless energy! She jumps and nips and can be completely psycho!

A trainer told us to NOT give her affection unless she is sitting, so she will stop jumping and I think it's working a little.

I have clicker trained her to sit, down and shake a paw, but now I am going to try and train her to not bite. It says online to put a treat in your hand let them smell it but don't give it to them until they either lick your hand or touch it softly with their nose NO teeth!

I am hoping she will eventually calm down. My husband thinks when we get her spayed, that this will mellow her out...I don't know about that! My vet won't do it until 6 months old.

I am happy to know I am not the only one with a little maniac!
She does have an awesome personality and can be quite affectionate, it's just the :twisted: in her that drives us all crazy! :shock: :shock:
Spaying may help but only to a minor degree if at all, just be consistent, being smart and typically hyper dogs if your making progress and let them get away with it once they will continue to test you, consistency is key!
You mean there really are hyper doodle pups out there??!! Dakota goes into psycho mode first thing in the morning and in the evening--every morning and every evening! His rottie mix friend comes over almost every night and Dakota is so fearless in his Cujo mode that he will charge Sparky at top speed and jump right in his face! So far, Sparky has been tolerant of the wacko pup and lately has even decided to play with him! :lol: I fear for Dakota around other big dogs that don't have the same level of tolerance . . . I guess there are lessons out there still to be learned . . . :?
Diane (and Dakota)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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