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Quin is only four months but I am trying some preventative strategies. (Maybe this'll help any lurkers with younger doods.) Hopefully I can remember to post again in a month or two to tell you if we're successful! I would definitely reiterate Maureen's training comments. The training program we are enrolled in (not a big box store) has had many wonderful suggestions for instilling appropriate behavior in the pups. Most boil down to key words ("enough" and "settle") and time-outs. (Like 2doodsmom suggested.) Also, they say to set expectations about what behavior is ok in the house. So, I no longer allow fetch, chase, tug-of-war or any crazy-making games inside. This is hard for our [human] daughter Zoe - she is 3.5 and can't resist running around and exciting Quin ... and of course he loves it. But I am trying to be really firm re: hyper games are for outside only. The anti-jumping training we're doing is that when the dog jumps on you, say "oops" and immediately turn around and walk away (withdraw your attention). When all four paws are on the floor, reward / praise. We did this in class - we actually rotated puppies (everyone got a chance with each dog) because they may behave for you but not a stranger / guest. Basically, we baited the dog to jump up (patting your knees saying "c'mon Quin!") and when they didn't jump they got lavish rewards. I am having Zoe do this training with Quin.

Again, I'll check back in a couple months to let you know if it works (I can hear your snickering :wink: - c'mon, let me be naive and I'll let you say "I told you so!" ... )

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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