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Dora is also 5 months old. She has changed a lot since I had her spayed. At first I thought it must be just post surgery taking longer to get back to her old self, but she is really a lot more mellow. She still has issues with company. I was trying to talk to my neighbor last night and she wouldn't stop jumping and barking. I think she will get over that too. I think like with everything they all have these little phases. I am so tickled that she is completely house trained, including the overnight, I could care less if she barked at the neighbor!! But I will work with one thing at a time. Dora now lays at my feet when I cook or do dishes and has stopped using the kids as chew toys. My toddlers poor legs were a mess for a while!! She has slowed on the biting since most of her adult teeth are in! Good luck everyone!! This puppy stage is no joke. They are so lucky that they are sooo cute!!
Beth and Dora
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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