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Any Breeders for Sale??

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Hi all....

I'm interested in seeing if there are any adult female breeders (at least F1, or higher) available that are also great with kids, etc. It would be a huge plus if they knew any basic commands and/or were house trained, although not necessary. I would also consider an older puppy. Any ideas or possibilities!!?? Thanks for your help!!
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did you have your pup rechecked for cerf yet?

also dont forget if you get an f1 female you will need a studly poodle male to go with her ;)
Are an F1B or multi gen to breed her to doesn't really have to be poodle now days people are doing the others more and more. What color are you looking for? I might just sell you one that I have she is 2 years old has passed all her testing hips, eyes, thyroid panel, and CBC panel she has been house broke but right is in the Kennel I'm sure she would be able to come right back in with no problem. She is Cream with a liver nose let me know what you think.
I have an Australian Labradoodle

male available OFA prelim of Good, parents are OFA excellent.

I also have two up coming litters that should produce great offspring.
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