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Anti-doodle sentiment?

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After spending months and months deciding what kind of dog to get for our family, we finally decided upon a Labradoodle, got a breeder recommendation, visited and chose our puppy, and are now waiting 2 weeks to go pick her up. We are so excited. She was expensive, but my husband is allergic, and from everything I learned in talking to folks and reading, I think that this is a great choice for our family. My problem? I've just noticed on some internet boards, and in discussions with some folks, when I say we are getting a Labradoodle people some are really anti-doodle. I've have people flat out ask my why I didn't get a shelter dog, why I would spend so much money, etc. Anyone else run into this? Is it a common sentiment? I'm starting to feel defensive when I say what kind of puppy we are getting.


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Hi, welcome!
Trust me, you have selected one of the best dogs ever!
Now, with the President considering a Doodle, people are getting even more upset.
I would say to be prepared for the comments and when people ask you, simply say, "Why do you...want to know, or need to discuss it or care?" And if they are kind, then go forward...if they are combative, roll your eyes and walk away...or say, "Pity that your prejudice will keep you from knowing a great dog."
The best thing you can do is to be armed with facts...check out the Canine Diversity Project smf and you might want to have these articles to hand out...good info about why good breeders are necessary, written by a shelter rescue family: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12428 and, finally, understand the difference between back yard breeders/puppy mills and reputable breeders...when you are armed with this information, you can handle any situation with class!

Kathy, great comeback!
Hahahahahaha...and a lot of mechanics that need work and by buying a new car they are making sure that those mechanics are not putting food on the table!

Yes, you can also ask them if they own computer games...and how much they invest in them...and then say, hmmmm....a computer game...if you spent that money and time on your family, wouldn't your family be enriched...instead you choose to spend it selfishly and take time from your kids so that you can play wii.

With a dog, you are enriching your life and the lives of your children...far more than a boat or television system or golf is a matter of priority.

Now, Cindy, about those people you work with...DOODLES ARE NOT INBRED! It is the pure bred dogs that are inbred! Tell them that their stupidity is showing...and their prejudice.

When we moved here, our neighbors were introducing themselves and their dogs and our dogs were not here yet and I said that I am a dog breeder...this neighbor has show dogs, Chesapeke Bay Retrievers...she asked what dogs we bred and I said Labradoodles and Goldendoodles...I DONATE THEM AS SERVICE DOGS...whereupon I could follow up with the question, what is more important, to show a dog or to give them to disabled people? But I don't...I did have to laugh at her though because when I said what we breed, her face scrunched up and she SHIVERED! hahahaha

I left it at that...well, we have been here since around October...the other day the neighbor (we are now friends) said, "You know, your dogs are sooooo cute! I see them looking at us through the fence and they just have the cutest faces!" She has also commented about how good they are not to bark and how great it is that they get along so well...

Reasonable people will come around...others...well to he** with them! hahahaha
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Aw, Julia, we will be so happy for you when you get your puppy and, of course, we MUST see pictures! :D

You know, sometimes a name just has to wait for the puppy to tell you what it is. :eek:)

You can give him/her one or ten names now...and your smart pup will learn them all...and chances are, one of the names you never expected will just "fit"!

There are some great posts on this forum about names...see if a search will bring them up for you. It might help you get some ideas.

We are happy that you joined us and we look forward to hearing all about your baby!
Jane, that is funny!
I gave someone a Doodle once (they had just lost their dog and were heartbroken) and the pup was black (imagine that, ME having black doodles!) and they named her Lemon! hahahaha
It had to do with the husband having a thing for lemons that year...bought them a lot, made all sorts of lemon they thought it would be funny to call her Lemon...and it stuck! They call her Lemon Meringue! You just never know!
Root Beer is one odd name, though, I have to admit...but this, from someone who calls her Goldendoodle "Bean".
RADISH! hahahahaha! I think that one would grow on me!
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