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Anti-doodle sentiment?

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After spending months and months deciding what kind of dog to get for our family, we finally decided upon a Labradoodle, got a breeder recommendation, visited and chose our puppy, and are now waiting 2 weeks to go pick her up. We are so excited. She was expensive, but my husband is allergic, and from everything I learned in talking to folks and reading, I think that this is a great choice for our family. My problem? I've just noticed on some internet boards, and in discussions with some folks, when I say we are getting a Labradoodle people some are really anti-doodle. I've have people flat out ask my why I didn't get a shelter dog, why I would spend so much money, etc. Anyone else run into this? Is it a common sentiment? I'm starting to feel defensive when I say what kind of puppy we are getting.


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My own family screwed up their faces at me
when I told them I wanted a Labradoodle for our next dog.
They were most put off by the name....they thought it really sounded goofy.....
and not "masculine, or macho" enough for them to have to tell people what it is....
HOW STUPID IS THAT!! After having two, they LOVE them
and appreciate all the incredible qualities Doodles have.
However, they still cringe when someone asks what kind of dogs they are...
they don't want to have to call them anything with "oodle" in it. Silly, huh??

Other than their objection to the name....I have had only a few folks negatively comment...
I have answered those with....."to each his own".....
or "well, if you knew more about them, you wouldn't feel the way you do."
If that raises a huffy attitude....I just say well, they are the best dogs I have ever owned!!

I did have to "justify" them to my vet...who quickly changed
her tune as I informed her about the incredible attributes this breed has....
She is a "pure" breed Mastiff show/breeder.....and also breeds, greyhounds, I think...
Her husband does one and she the other.
When she told me that my Coco had hip dysplasia and I
told her I wouldn't be breeding her...she applauded my decision.
( I saw the xrays and yes, it's true....she wasn't trying to dissuade me from breeding her
at all....and was totally honest about the condition of Coco's hips.)

She was also thrilled to hear I intend to test future breeders and that
I would attempt to produce the most healthy puppies for healthy forever-home environments...
(meaning I will do everything I can to insure that my puppies don't end up in shelters) and
she again was impressed with the standards I was setting for my program.
I told her I really didn't know anything but
excellent breeders raising labradoodle/goldendoodles and that I have learned a lot
from them....some local and some long distance. She thought there were several
people breeding labradoodles without any interest about the breed and/or integrity in their "program"
...just dollar signs in their eyes. I told her I am sure that was true, but generally speaking I am
very impressed with the community of doodle breeders and owners.

All that to say.....don't worry about the negative comments....
explain why they are wonderful when you have the opportunity,
otherwise....blow them off. They are hot air bags.....
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Now, I have never before heard of a puppy being called "Root Beer" !!

I think I'd change it fast, too!! Pepsi, Coke, Cola/Kola Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Shasta,
But, Not: Ginger Ale, unless you drop the ale
Not: 7-Up
Not: Hawaiian Punch ( Punch or Punchie ?)
Not: Lemonade
Not: .......What am I talking about???
I am thinking out loud about puppy names....
Maybe I should get one soon.

Have Fun! with naming your new doodle !! Can't wait to hear what you pick!!
When I picture the doodles I have met on this me, they all seem to "fit" their name.
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I love "Bean!!"

Not: Radish
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