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Anti-doodle sentiment?

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After spending months and months deciding what kind of dog to get for our family, we finally decided upon a Labradoodle, got a breeder recommendation, visited and chose our puppy, and are now waiting 2 weeks to go pick her up. We are so excited. She was expensive, but my husband is allergic, and from everything I learned in talking to folks and reading, I think that this is a great choice for our family. My problem? I've just noticed on some internet boards, and in discussions with some folks, when I say we are getting a Labradoodle people some are really anti-doodle. I've have people flat out ask my why I didn't get a shelter dog, why I would spend so much money, etc. Anyone else run into this? Is it a common sentiment? I'm starting to feel defensive when I say what kind of puppy we are getting.


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i;ve given up on anti-doodle sentiment esp/after a neighbor went ballastic on me earlier this summer

for me, i and those who are close to me know that Doodles are the best kept secret in town :wink:
and i've also had people stop and wait for me in parking lots or outside the bank etc when i am training max
to commend us.......3 of these people got doodles since last summer

anyway, the anti-doodle people? till they meet one or take the time that is, perhaps we should be happy they don't have one?
as they're not meant for everyone just as a papillon, rat terrier, rottweiler, or great danes are not for everyone.

no mattter where you go there is always going to be a person that has an opposing view
so i guess the way you handle it is more important ......i even get a giggle at time in past when i say

OH Max? he's my baby or i say He's a snickerdoodle, makes me laugh all the time
Peanut? ohhhhhhhhhhhh she's a tank-a-doodle hahaaaaaaaaaaaa and a golden pocket theiver :lol:
(she unzips coat pockets and bags all the time)
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:lol: :lol: :lol: deepnite!!!

know what? there's some GD's and Ld's in the school system here in rochester NY
all are for kids with special needs....what a difference in attitude they make to people when they're trained and in a setting
helping out.
EVEN at the Rochester Airport the guys there LOVE doodles as when i went to put Beau on a plane (but didn't)
all they could talk about was how great Doodles are and how the one is this guy's son's class was fantastic
in the special ed class!!!

so take the grumpy attitudes with a grain of salt as down the line they usually change their opinions
it's almost like they SEEING is BELIEVING goes to work then

i know when others see me doing hand signals only with Max they go, "WOW they're nothing like what others say"
and become PRO DOODLE
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Since Max goes everywhere with me, YES i get a bit of slack on and off BUT MORE from a secty and NOT people I meet. I waited almost 10yrs to get a labradoodle as i fostered dogs for over 25yrs till I got severe allergies then my son had bad asthma!

Next was my teenagers would have responsibility yet companionship on the days I worked late. I worked close to home so i was able to be with them in mornings, at one time i worked out of house sO i raised 3 doodle puppies back then.

lastly, Once we got MAX we all fell in love with "DOODLES" they're great and we love having "velcro" dogs LOL Peanut is goofy at times where as max plays mailman to this day. He every few months take mail off table and delivers it to peanut WHO sorts out the mail I SHOULD READ.

the Loving, comical yet highly intelligent ways with wanting to be a part of the family...WOW who can resist a doodle! PLUS when asked if they're a designer dog? I say YES, they were designed just for me and my family! : )

originally tho i grew up at one time w/std poodles but c/not keep up with grooming, thus waited till one day Max and peanut and then Beau just seemed to land in our lap. I worked with my Breeder for 4yrs. IF i had the money i'd have more than 2 doodles!
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