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Anti-doodle sentiment?

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After spending months and months deciding what kind of dog to get for our family, we finally decided upon a Labradoodle, got a breeder recommendation, visited and chose our puppy, and are now waiting 2 weeks to go pick her up. We are so excited. She was expensive, but my husband is allergic, and from everything I learned in talking to folks and reading, I think that this is a great choice for our family. My problem? I've just noticed on some internet boards, and in discussions with some folks, when I say we are getting a Labradoodle people some are really anti-doodle. I've have people flat out ask my why I didn't get a shelter dog, why I would spend so much money, etc. Anyone else run into this? Is it a common sentiment? I'm starting to feel defensive when I say what kind of puppy we are getting.


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Hi everyone, as of today I became the proud owner of a Ladradoodle. Our new addition to our little family is arriving tomorrow and I'm very excited to him arrive. Still have to think of a name for him~ any suggestions will be greatly appreciated ~ ty.

Im just wondering do Labradoodle owners receive so much slack? What on earth is wrong with owning a Labradoodle?

And what is considered to be "too expensive" a price to pay for a Labradoodle?

Thank you for allowing me to join your lovely group and looking forward to reading lots of hints and tips to help care for my new bundle of joy

Thank you for the warm welcome lindamarie. Picked up our little Toby during the weekend and has spent the last two nights with us. Little Toby is the just the sweetest natured little fella that you can ever imagine. Actually Toby has a touch of Pug in him also, so he's officially classified as a Pugadoodle. Thanks again for the warm welcome and i look forward to visiting this forum and educating myself about how to look after my precious little bundle of joy.
I will post some photos of Toby shortly ;-)
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