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Anti-doodle sentiment?

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After spending months and months deciding what kind of dog to get for our family, we finally decided upon a Labradoodle, got a breeder recommendation, visited and chose our puppy, and are now waiting 2 weeks to go pick her up. We are so excited. She was expensive, but my husband is allergic, and from everything I learned in talking to folks and reading, I think that this is a great choice for our family. My problem? I've just noticed on some internet boards, and in discussions with some folks, when I say we are getting a Labradoodle people some are really anti-doodle. I've have people flat out ask my why I didn't get a shelter dog, why I would spend so much money, etc. Anyone else run into this? Is it a common sentiment? I'm starting to feel defensive when I say what kind of puppy we are getting.


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Yep, was stressing all day because of article I read in Puppy Canada magazine today. We should be getting our Labradoodle puppy in April. We almost got a lab pup a few springs ago but my son had an allergic reaction. Since then we've volunteered with assistance dogs to get our puppy-fix. Finally, got excited about labradoodles and did some research on breeders in our area...and then paid our deposit. Then started reading all the negative stuff about being "mutts" etc. Felt better after reading some of these replies...but was getting serious cold feet for sure!
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