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YOU ALL are what makes this forum so great!
I wanna say YOU GO GIRL to every one of ya!

Stacey there are LOTS of other places to get a kennel for your F1b baby!
By the way your breeder doesn't happen to be named Norma does she? There's a doodle breeder in the Phoenix area by that name I think, that I've corresponded with! And we have a Black Beauty (f1b) in Phoenix too! We called her "Twinkle" because of her white toes on all 4 feet. :D

I bet you'll find plenty of support for your doodle, and you will soon have a SHOW-STOPPER to be proud of!

Oh, that reminds me someone from your area was interested in these new puppies, I should find her email addy and write her!
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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