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Another trip to the vet :(

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Dexter had some major poop problems last night (i.e. going 6-7 times)...woke us up at 4 am crying like crazy to go out...and we came home from work to a poop mess in the basement (he had thrown up too).

I took him to the vet after work. They took x-rays and it seems that he ate something fairly large. We have to bring him back tomorrow for more tests and possible surgery to remove the item :(

Please keep Dex in your thoughts tomorrow that they are somehow able to determine the item can pass w/o surgery. You would never know anything was wrong...he's acting totally like "normal".
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Prayers for Dexter. You should be feeling better soon big boy! And you will be able to eat, too! Keep us posted, Leslie.
Anything show up overnight? Still saying prayers for our boy Dexter!
Poor Dexter! Somehow I just saw this! I am praying that you get good news today and he doesn't have to go through surgery! Love and hugs from us to Dexter and Leslie!
Waiting and thinking of you :( hoping for the best :?:
Well we are on day 2 at the vet's. Dex acted totally completely normal yesterday after work...he played with Kirby (a lot) and then napped. He did not cry or whine at all. He gobbled down the 1/4 cup of food we were allowed to give him (he definitely has an appetite). He started making sounds like he was going to throw up around 3 am, but unfortunately nothing came up. He went running into the vet's this morning like he wanted to go (in a strange way I think he enjoyed all the attention/activity there yesterday).

So the vet is happy to wait a bit more and take more x-rays...she said since he's in such good spirits that she doesn't see a need to rush it. Thanks again for the good wishes... :)

Another day at work worrying about Dex...
Thanks for the update Leslie. Sounds like you have a great vet....hope this can be resolved soon.
OK, so far good news, even though he didn't jettison the tennis ball yet. I'm very relieved to hear he's in his same good spirits.

I'm thinking of him too, please don't forget to update when you can.
Well, at least he does not seem to be suffering. Too bad that nothing came up last night. We are all thinking of you both. Good luck. Thanks for the updates. We will be waiting to her more good news!!!
I sure hope everything comes out OK! Your vet is really good not to push for surgery right away. She's a keeper!

Nicky says to tell Dex he needs to barf it all up!
ok another Dex update for you - still hasn't thrown it up. However the vets there agree that they still want to avoid surgery and therefore have referred me to a vet hospital that can do an endoscopy. We have a 2 pm appointment so I'll be leaving work soon (luckily my supervisor is super understanding and will just let me work from home the rest of the day and not use vacation). He will likely be there until ~7-8 pm. I will keep you update - hope this works :shock:
Paws and fingers crossed :wink:
Glad to hear Dex is doing better.
I wish I could just hug him and scratch his chin.. :( Prayers and thoughts for him, and you.....

And your supervisor gets an "attaboy"....we need more like him (her?)
and so the saga continues...

Took Dex to the emergency make a long story short, they could not give me any good assurance that the endoscopy would be successful. The cost of endoscopy at the emergency vet is insane...and if not successful they would have to do surgery at that time (cost for surgery is insanex2). Given all of this, we decided to go back to our normal vet tomorrow morning and have them do surgery.

I don't want to sound cheap - we would definitely pay for the endoscope if we felt there was a good chance it would work. But what they told us made it sound almost more like 50/50...

So prayers for Dex that by some miracle he vomits overnight...and if not that his surgery goes well.

Thanks for the continued support :)

P.S. You would seriously not know anything was wrong with Dex - he is still more active than Kirby.
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ohh poor guy :(

I really hope with you that he gets rid of it himself tonight!

If not we wish him luck with the surgery

Kasper and mom
I would do the same thing....endoscopy could well result in poor Dex having to go through TWO surgeries, and your vet sounds wonderful - I'll be praying that Dex gets rid of it tonight, and if not, that lots of doodle guardian angels will be watching over him tomorrow. And your supervisor put the SUPER in SUPERvisor!!! Tell him he has lots of doodle fans now! Stay strong Leslie and know we are all worrying and waiting right along with you.
Thank you again for your support :) You know...I feel much calmer and better about the surgery now that it's set. The emergency vet we went to today was very nice, but also crazy about the "tests" they wanted to do (it was just one after another) and I really felt like they were trying to make (a lot of) money off us. The more I read about these surgeries, the more I find that they are not that unusual and our vet said the recovery time will be just a bit longer than a neuter. We could try to wait the weekend, but you know how the worst alwasy strikes on Saturday afternoon after all normal vets are closed.

Ok I'll stop rambling now :) Will provide more info tomorrow.
I think the plan of action sounds good. Your vet sounds wonderful, so he will be in good hands. And you know she won't miss anything if she actually can look inside. Good luck Dex and we still hope you yak it all up tonight!!!!
I've been away from the computer most of the day and anxiously wondering how things are going. The endoscopy sounds pretty risky as far as possibly ending up needing surgery after all. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow. Hopefully Dexter will remedy the problem on his own tonight and expel the tennis ball bits. Hoping for the best outcome.
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