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Another trip to the vet :(

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Dexter had some major poop problems last night (i.e. going 6-7 times)...woke us up at 4 am crying like crazy to go out...and we came home from work to a poop mess in the basement (he had thrown up too).

I took him to the vet after work. They took x-rays and it seems that he ate something fairly large. We have to bring him back tomorrow for more tests and possible surgery to remove the item :(

Please keep Dex in your thoughts tomorrow that they are somehow able to determine the item can pass w/o surgery. You would never know anything was wrong...he's acting totally like "normal".
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Gosh I hope he is okay today! Major Dexter mojo vibes heading your way from the other Dexter.

Now I'll be checking back all day to find out if he's going to surgery. ((Leslie and Dexter))) and little Kirby too (wouldn't want him to feel left out).
Oh man Leslie......your head must be spinning. Tell Dexter to hang in there, we love him, and we're thinking of and praying for him....poor guy, I hate to think of him crying like that.....
I have some good news...before they sedated him, Dex started throwing up pieces of a tennis ball. They are going to take another x-ray to see if the amount in his stomach is less and hope that he will be able to eliminate the rest of it himself.

We have eliminated all tennis balls from our house, but they have them at the dog park (he was there on Saturday)...I bet he found something to munch on there. We are going to have to keep a really close eye on him there from now on.

I'll keep you all updated when we know more.
Oh! I am so sorry! Big time prayers!!
Keep us posted. I really know how frightening this is Leslie!
((Dexter)) Get rid of that yucky tennis ball, honey. And don't eat them anymore. We're all scared for you.

Leslie, hope you have your baby home soon well and back to his old self. Is Kirby mopey without his buddy?
Good luck Dexter I am routing for you buddy.........

Woof woof

Waiting and hoping for good news.. :roll:
Oh... poor Dex! I can commiserate with dogs who eat things they shouldn't. It must be so tempting.

I hope he gets it out naturally and is feeling better soon.

Dexter update: I spoke to the vet and there are still 2 larger pieces of ball in his stomach. They are giving him meds to try to help him vomit it up. She said he's still very happy and alert so she doesn't see any immediate danger with trying to wait it out. Our plan is that we will pick him up after work, bring him home for the night and the bring him back tomorrow where they will reassess. She said there is no way he will be able to poop these pieces up so if he cannot throw them up he will need surgery. Keep your fingers (and paws) crossed.
We will keep everything crossed..............
Fingers, toes and paws crossed here! Hope Dexter is able to throw up the rest of that tennis ball. Hugs and prayers being sent your way.
Fingers crossed for you. I hope he is able to throw up the tennis ball pieces.
Good luck and special prayers for Dexter. When we go to the park there are always many many pieces of unclaimed tennis balls around. Bailey is constantly picking up the pieces and I am constantly pulling them out of his mouth. I wish owners would pick up the pieces when they see them - they are so dangerous. A lady I ran into at the park had a big metal muzzle on her poodle. She reassured me it wasn't because he was a mean dog, but because he was crazy about tennis balls and had just gone through a big surgery to remove one from his tummy. This is the only way she could walk him now. She was thinking of trying a shock collar next (not sure if that would work). So now I am very leary of the tennis ball too.

Good luck Dexter. Hope you are able to clear those pieces of ball from your stomach and are as good as new soon. Poor little guy...
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A lady I ran into at the park had a big metal muzzle on her poodle.
funny you mention that - my husband told me we need to get him a muzzle for the dog park so he can't eat random stuff.
I've been thinking about Dexter all day. Hopefully he will get the rest of the tennis ball up without surgery. If he does need assistance, will they do the endoscopic surgery where they go down his throat, therefore no incision?
OH Leslie.............any more news on Dexter???? i sure hope he is able to bring up the last pieces of that tennis ball

hugs to you ,jerry and saying prayers he won't need surgery honey.
and i know you'll let us know as soon as you do....gosh i feel like the worried auntie annmarie here
Just checking to see if anymore news on Dex, sending prayers and good wishes

We do not allow Annabelle to have Tennis balls after she destroyed one in record time as a puppy.
Ok so we are home with Dex. He did not throw up anymore at the vet. Since he is still happy and active the vet is comfortable giving it another tomorrow morning he will go back to the vet for more x-rays and more meds to try to induce vomiting. However if he does not throw it up by tomorrow (mid day I think) the vet wants to do surgery. She said she doesn't want to give him too much of the meds because it can cause illness.

He ran around the yard like normal with Kirby, but clearly got tired quicker (he has had 1/2 cup food in 2 days). The vet said we could give him 1/4 to 1/3 cup of food...he almost ate my hand when I was feeding him. Hoping he vomits!!

Funny story - the vet tech said he was totally calm all day...only when we arrived to pick him up did he start crying and barking...I wonder if he heard our voice or could smell us?
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If he does need assistance, will they do the endoscopic surgery where they go down his throat, therefore no incision?
I asked this too Linda. 1) Our vet hospital does not have the ability to do this, but even if they did, 2) our vet said the pieces are large enough that she wouldn't feel comfortable doing this. She said if you try w/something too large that it could get stuck up further (throat?) and cause a bigger problem.

Oh yeah - I was kinda joking about the muzzle...the sadder part is wondering if we should not take him any longer as there will probably always be tennis ball parts :(
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