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Another trip to the vet :(

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Dexter had some major poop problems last night (i.e. going 6-7 times)...woke us up at 4 am crying like crazy to go out...and we came home from work to a poop mess in the basement (he had thrown up too).

I took him to the vet after work. They took x-rays and it seems that he ate something fairly large. We have to bring him back tomorrow for more tests and possible surgery to remove the item :(

Please keep Dex in your thoughts tomorrow that they are somehow able to determine the item can pass w/o surgery. You would never know anything was wrong...he's acting totally like "normal".
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Poor Dexter! Leslie you must be crazy with worry! We're thinking positive thoughts here and hope he gets whatever it is out of his system on his own. Big hugs being sent your way. :cry:
Fingers, toes and paws crossed here! Hope Dexter is able to throw up the rest of that tennis ball. Hugs and prayers being sent your way.
I've been away from the computer most of the day and anxiously wondering how things are going. The endoscopy sounds pretty risky as far as possibly ending up needing surgery after all. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow. Hopefully Dexter will remedy the problem on his own tonight and expel the tennis ball bits. Hoping for the best outcome.
ChasP, that is really scary! I had no idea they could swallow anything that large! I had thoughts of maybe letting Cali be on her own in the house instead of her crate when I leave the house, but now I don't know...... :shock:

Leslie and Gerry, hope all goes well today! We'll be praying for Dexter!
Anxiously awaiting to hear when Dexter comes out of surgery and how it all went. Big hugs from all of us as you go through this.
1 - 5 of 77 Posts
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