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Another trip to the vet :(

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Dexter had some major poop problems last night (i.e. going 6-7 times)...woke us up at 4 am crying like crazy to go out...and we came home from work to a poop mess in the basement (he had thrown up too).

I took him to the vet after work. They took x-rays and it seems that he ate something fairly large. We have to bring him back tomorrow for more tests and possible surgery to remove the item :(

Please keep Dex in your thoughts tomorrow that they are somehow able to determine the item can pass w/o surgery. You would never know anything was wrong...he's acting totally like "normal".
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Can only wish you and Dexter the best, at what I am sure is a trying time. Hopefully Dex will force it out the same way it came in. Good luck!! You are in our thoughts.
Well, at least he does not seem to be suffering. Too bad that nothing came up last night. We are all thinking of you both. Good luck. Thanks for the updates. We will be waiting to her more good news!!!
Stay the course. You have not made a bad decision yet, and knowing what you've told us it sound like taking the approach and plan for tomorrow is the right thing to do. Funny how you dread, fret and worry over your dogs when they are sick and throwing up. What you would not give to have it stop. then in situations like these you pray for them to vomit. it is the right thing. And if all that fails, then go into the surgery knowing you are doing the right thing. you are in our thoughts. Good luck.
1 - 3 of 77 Posts
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