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Another trip to the vet :(

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Dexter had some major poop problems last night (i.e. going 6-7 times)...woke us up at 4 am crying like crazy to go out...and we came home from work to a poop mess in the basement (he had thrown up too).

I took him to the vet after work. They took x-rays and it seems that he ate something fairly large. We have to bring him back tomorrow for more tests and possible surgery to remove the item :(

Please keep Dex in your thoughts tomorrow that they are somehow able to determine the item can pass w/o surgery. You would never know anything was wrong...he's acting totally like "normal".
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Oh poor Dexter. I do hope he passes it on his own..keep us posted and we will keep crossed paws for a quick recovery.
Leslie...had Dexter produced anything yet?
Waiting and hoping for good news.. :roll:
Waiting and thinking of you :( hoping for the best :?:
Thanks for the update Leslie. Sounds like you have a great vet....hope this can be resolved soon.
Paws and fingers crossed :wink:
Sounds like you weighed the options and have sound reasoning behind your decision. Glad that Dexter is feeling well even though he is worrying us something awful. Sending prayers and best wishes your way :wink:
1 - 7 of 77 Posts
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