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Another question...

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Charlie HATES going outside or in his crate! Everytime I am about to take him out he RUNS from me and goes under the kitchen table so i cant "get him"!!!!!! Then after i DRAG him outside to let him go pee he RUNS back to the door?? I have never had a dog that didnt want to go outside. Also, He is very hesitant to come in my bedroom because he thinks he has to go in his crate. He does not whine when he is in there but i have to push him in. I tried working with him during "training time" by putting a treat in the back of the crate and letting him go in a get it and then praising him when he goes in but when bed time comes he still fights with me and i have to carry him in my room!!!!!!!

Any suggestions?? :roll:
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Well Sammy doesnt love her crate either, but oh well.... I try to make it more fun for her when I leave by giving her a kong with a treat inside. It takes her a while to get it out so it gives her something to do.

as for not liking it outside, all I can think of is the first fear imprint stage? I think this usually sets in about 2-3 months (how old is charlie again?) and can alst several weeks. The second fear imprint stage I think is around 6-8 months but someone on here will know the timing better... feel free to chime in!

Try to make it fun to go outside when its NOT potty time. That is, potty trips shoudl be ONLY for potty.... that way he doesnt start signaling you he needs to go out just when he wants to play.

OK so say you guys just went outside and he went potty. Go back inside for a few minutes so he knows that the potty trip was ONLY for potty. THen go backout side with a fun new toy or a ball and play for a while. Bring treats and work on some training outside if you want to. Make it fun and help him get used to it.

Sammy, I think, is going through the second fear imprint stage right now and is driving me bonkers sitting by the windows and growling! She hears one little noise outside and she is goign crazy! ARGGGHHHH!!! :x :lol:
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Thanks alot! I think I will start training outside instead of inside because he gets really excited and loves to train (ONLY BECAUSE HE GETS TREATS, HE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A TREAT!). Charlie is 4 months!

My schnauzer also growls at random stuff.. like when my neighbor is outside cutting grass at the crack of dawn :shock:
It is really annoying to take her for a walk or just outside to go to the bathroom at all because she barks and growls at NOTHING! She is 7 though..
Shes my baby though, so what can you say :mrgreen:
Well im kind of anti-crate!!! lol I dont use one so I dont have advice or suggestions there. As far as not wanting to go out...well hmmm...I did a topic called "spooked doodle" because something in my backyard scares him and I dont know what. Maybe Charlie is scared of something too. Its weird because you think "what dog doesnt want to go out?". Leno loves to be outside, but my backyard is creeping him out for some strange reason!
Does Charlie act affraid of something when you bring him out?
He doesnt act afraid but I mean I open the door and he wont even get up.. he jsut lays there and then i call him and say "lets go outside" or "lets go potty" and he goes and lays under the table :roll:

He has actually been going outside okay today, but im not sure how long that will last! I also noticed that when I wake up in the morning i just let him out in the backyard and then go get ready but i have noticed that he wont go to the bathroom most times, he just sits by the door unless i am out there and i walk out in the yard with him.. so now i have just been letting him and my schnauzer out front and i watch him and make sure he goes (my schnauzer is housebroken so i dont worry if she goes or not)..

What did you do with Leno at night without a crate? Charlie would chew up everything.. I fell asleep one night and forgot he was in the bed with me and I woke up in the middle of the night to find a chewed up phone charger and PS2 controller cord... :evil:
One more hint for Charlie since I know you have had a couple potty training questions:

I would use "Lets go outside!" for when you are inside and wait to actually use the word "potty" until you're outside. That way he knows that "go potty" means you want him to go... I started saying "go potty!" as soon as she woudl squt from a young age and then praise her when she finished. Now when we go out and I say "go potty!" she will walk over to her usual spot and start to sniff and squat. :D
yeah that is how i usually do it..
When i praise him.. how should i go about that! I mean when he pees i say "GOOD BOY!!!!!!! GOOD POTTY!!!!" but should i pet him and stuff too? I cant get to crazy will it because then he wont finish!!!

Leno just sleeps in my room at night on his dog pillow..sometimes in my bed :shock: I havent had a problem with him chewing things, I guess im lucky as far as that goes! The only thing I have a problem (well not really a problem) with the crates is...if your dog is locked in a crate and someone breaks into your house then that could be a problem. As soon as Leno hears something outside or if the doorbell rings he goes right to the door. I sleep too hard at night, I probably wouldnt hear someone rattling around with my door...but he sure would!
YEAH! That is so true.. Charlie is to small, sweet, and lazy for that just yet! I am also a hard sleeper though, so i know how you feel!

But the way, my schnauzer is the gaurd dog around here :lol:
If she doesnt know you and we say "get em" or if you act mean towards me she will show her teeth and bark or even run after you if you aggrivate her! Oh do i love her! She is very funny and VERY loyal to me! We dont encourage that behavior to much though!
Hi Charlie,
I had the same problem with Bandi not wanting to go outside. My trainer said that I wasn't being firm enough or confident enough when I said "outside" to Bandi. I too was dragging her outside--my trainer said this is a "no-no!" She says to never drag the dog. Give a firm tug along with the command you use for going outside and just go. She will have to walk to keep up with you. It took me about a week to get Bandi to see things my way, but it worked. She would still rather stay inside, but she goes. Hope this helps.
When you praise him outside when he goes potty you can just say "good boy!" he probably knwos that by now is praise. If you want to give him a treat you can but you have to do it QUICK. Dogs have about 2 seconds for you to react to what thy're doign and associate it with their behavior. Any longer than that and they arent sure what the treat is for!
I had similar problems with my labradoodle Kumo and his crate. He really didn't like it. We managed to get him over it by spending some time in the bedroom (where the crate is), and letting him roam around the room. Eventually, he just went in there on his own to lay down. We let him lay there for a while, then got up and played with him. Of course we repeated this a couple times. I think the trick is to make sure that sometimes he has the option to voluntarily go into the crate. Then he'll start to think of it as his den. At night he still doesn't want to go into the crate but when I start pushing him that direction he gives in very easily and walks in himself.

I'd watch him very carefully is you don't trust him not to chew or pee inside yet.
He does lay around in my room in the evening while we are watching TV.. either on my bed or on this rug at the end of it.. it would NEVER go in there by himself just to lay :(

Im still working on it though.. he has gotten to where he will go outside when i call now though..YAY! :D
Start using treats if you have to or haven't already this will motivate most puppies to do what ever you want.
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