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Another escape artist!

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I get home from work today and had the shock of my life! There was the back door.... smiling and wagging his tail happy as a clam! :shock: I know when i left this morning that i latched his "whale". How or when he got out, I'll never know! Best thing was that there was no trail of mass destruction!

We went to the vet yesterday for the parvo booster and found out the "moose" weighs in at approximately 66#!! It was hard to get an accurate weight because he kept slipping a foot off the scale. I guess he's sensitive about his weight. One of the techs asked Jonah if his daddy planned on trimming the hair above his eyes so he can see better. It looks so cute, I hate to cut it. Any advice on that?
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They do have the most expressive eyes. My doods don't get trimmed above/between the eyes at all.... but we like the scruffy look and our doods aren't fleecy. Our last dog was an Old English Sheepdog, so doodle eyebrows are all the rage around here!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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