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Annmarie; re: maggie re: poops, blockage, insurance!

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Hi there. I just had a chance to read your PM to me about Peanut and Max. wow, sounds really scary! i was going to bring in a stool sample today ( you know it has to be FRESH!), but Maggie never pooped on my watch. hubby probably took her out and i just went in the yard this morning to see if I could detect WHICH pile of presents was from this morning and i couldn't! so now I have to hope she'll poop this afternoon (not likely; she only goes in the morning and at night) or wait until tomorrow morning. she is acting fine; eating great, the presents i saw outside were nice and firm (rice,chicken and pumpkin will do that), but i'm seriously considering VPI or some other insurance so that these vet visits won't kill us. i am really afraid that they'll want to do all sorts of exploratory things and we'll be out a few thousand dollars. we can't afford that!

OUr vet has brochures for VIP, Petfirst, or ASPCA. the ASPCA seems the best coverage in my brief perusal of the different brands. does anyone have any input on any of these? i am afraid we'll have to start using pet insurance because our vet is getting very expensive.

also, is it normal to take your dog in for one thing and to leave with a few different prescriptions for things and a bill for over $100? should i look for a new vet? I love mine; he loves maggie and has an Irish accent, but the doc i've seen lately there is a different one (very nice) and he is the one that is costing me a lot these last few visits! like when she was spayed; the E Collar (which only lasted 20 minutes on her before being ripped off and chewed) was $38 and i saw at petsmart you could buy one for about $8!!
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Pet insurance

We have VIP and it is great. We pay 27.00 a month for complete coverage which includes wellness. Max had a ear infection last month. They took a culture and swabs and misc. The bill was 125.00 and the insurance paid 98.00. You need to tell your vet that you are on a limited budget. I have been out of work and our vet keeps the bill to the min. She told me to bring Max back this week and she won't charge me. We have certainly got our money's worth from the insurance. They have always paid at least 50%. If it doesn't work out you can always cancel.
I got VPI insurance as it has been around since 1982 and is supposed to be one of the most reputable dog insurance plans. some here on this forum have it and say it's good

it does cover gatritis, blockage, surgery, etc

for us for now we went with the premium and also EXTRA cancer rider as years ago i had a cat die of cancer unexpectedly and watched 2 friends recently lose their dogs to cancer.
OH I called VPI insurance there's a toll free i paid via phone and you have either a 7 or 9 day waiting period for approval and coverage. I am covered since April 9, 2007

Peanut has the total package since we're going to get her spayed...but max has premuium without wellness visits as he's netured already and had most vacinaations now.

AND YES we too are on a limited budget and my vet kept bills down for us too. I was out the $481 a month ago and wished i had insurance back then. BUT i do now :D :D :D and have a peace of mind as well
If you want suggestions for a new vet I love mine and have used her since the early 90's. She is up front on costs and is easy to talk to when it comes to what tests should or shouldn't be run and why (what you are likely to gain or not from having it run. She is in North Denver and although it's a drive for me I wouldn't go anywhere else!

i'd love your recommendation for a vet. we are near C470 and I70 so i can get almost anywhere.

i do think i'll look into getting pet insurance too. i've haven't ever spent as much at the pediatrician's office and I have 3 kids! is maggie doing??? has she pooped yet? is she okay?
and YES i never thought i'd get pet insurance but now i have it for peace of mind and also help out if anything happens
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