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Annmarie - pictures you requested

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Was talking to Annmarie and told her Annabelle got a new toy last nite, belated xmas gift from a friend.

Annmarie wanted pics :)

She got a new Hedgehog to match her hair color, black and silver.

Well, it lasted about 2 hrs and is now a De-stuffed hedgehog - this is her 4th hedgehog and none of them have made it past 2 days, dont' know what it is about that particular toy that she must destuff

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Charlie has a new hedgehog and its still in one piece. :D The new one is large and has at least two different squeaker sounds - a deep duck type one and a high squeaky one. It's his favorite new toy but he shows no interest in destuffing it. Still, I better keep my eye on it! :lol:

Maybe Annabelle didn't like it because it wouldn't stay in line with the others?

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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