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Annmarie - pictures you requested

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Was talking to Annmarie and told her Annabelle got a new toy last nite, belated xmas gift from a friend.

Annmarie wanted pics :)

She got a new Hedgehog to match her hair color, black and silver.

Well, it lasted about 2 hrs and is now a De-stuffed hedgehog - this is her 4th hedgehog and none of them have made it past 2 days, dont' know what it is about that particular toy that she must destuff

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Cinnamon has 2 hedgehogs, one I took the nonworking innards out of and replaced it with a frog sound box from a "dead" frog. So we have a hedgeFROG and a hedgehog. Both she hasn't torn up. She put a dent in them, missing arms & legs, but they are still for the most part intact. Both were old toys from our old Cocker. She will tear up the new toys till there's nothing left, but the old ones are still around.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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