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Annabelle & her mousey

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AB does really well with some stuffed toys, others she has a hole in them in 5 minutes - the ones she starts to disect, I put in the "surgery" box in the office to be sewn up.

I'm sitting in LR tonite, doing stuff on laptop and look down and there is AB with her "holy mouse". I asked her what she was doing and where she got the mousey, she drops it, comes over sits at my feet and drops her head - who says animals arent smart - she knew darn well that came from the surgery box in the office - door always closed but Daddy was in there on the puter so she snuck in and grabbed the mousey, told her she could have it as long as she was nice, so she went back and laid down with the mousey and nuzzled it, so cute - Gotta love those doodles !

Oops, got caught

mmmmmmm - good mousey

What, I'm being nice!
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mary i love Annabelle's expression in the 3rd picture!! hahahhaa
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