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Almost forgot... another graduation

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Sorry, no pics to go along with my story... :(

So, as it turns out, Bandit graduated from Intermediate Obedience on Saturday.

We did a rally course (about double of what is normal) Since Intermediate was the beginning of off leash work, and he wasnt quite up to that course off leash (nobody else was either) we did it via "loose leash" and he did a great job, especially after not having done jumps, pivots, side step heels, etc before. He did really good and I was proud of him. Not to mention our trainer was surprised at how intuitive he was with it and followed what I asked him to do.
It was a novelty to me as we have no plans to go that direction, but some in class are planning to compete, so it was a neat experience.

There is the beginning to Advanced this week, but I am going to take a break for a bit and get his off leash work more solid, and enjoy the mountains. With 10AM training on Sat, it kinda shoots that day for going anywhere.

Because I want him to start getting used to riding in the trail rig, I think we will be heading into the hills and letting him ride with us and training him for being on the trails.
Basically learning how to sit at an obstacle, observe, and cheer on the drivers. I want to teach him that roaming free is not acceptable as its dangerous for the pup, the rig, and the driver, as that is the safest place (off to the side of the trail outside the vehicle). After successfully navigating up, everyone loads up again and down the trail we go to the next spot.
Only way to train him for that is to do it.
And the rocking/swaying from side to side as you meander down the trail will take some getting used to as well.

So with that said, we will continue to train at home and wait until Sept/Oct for Advanced (once the New pups in that just started beginner/Intermediate are completed) we will join them.
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Keith, Yay, for Bandit!! It sounds like you are in about the same spot that we are with Toby. We wanted him to go horse riding with us, but I can't come to a comfort level on the safety issue. Like you say, the only way to train it is to do it - and I just don't have the nerve. Toby did go on his first boat ride yesterday. He amazed me.....he was the perfect gentleman. :D
Go Bandit! Where is Bandid getting his training. Dakota is in intermediate but it does sound as intense as Bandit's intermediate was. We've had three classes so far. We missed class two but Dakota's instructor said Dakota is so smart, he doesn't have any need to do a make-up class. Smart doodles!
Diane (and Dakota)
From a local trainer/breeder (of German Shepherds)/boarding house.

Alpha Dogs is the name of it.

She trains police K-9, standard obedience, puppy, board n train, individual corrective training, etc.

Also she works people through Shizen (form of comp), Rally, and some other things like that.

Basic we learned things like: Sit, Down, Stand, Stay w/prev 3 commands, Close, Heel, Place, Come, Off, Leave It, and a few other things that fail me right yet.
All of which was on leash with a little "taste" of off leash the last week-two of the class.
Each of them has a hand signal associated and was reinforced with soft treats (cheese/hot dogs)

Advanced was: Reinforcement of those commands with addition of: Finish, Pivot, Up, and position changes (sit/down/stand in any combination while in a stay).
These were done via long lead 20-30' and/or off leash. Also there was out of site work done (down-stay and dissappear from site for 5 min +/-).
The distractions were increased, pieces of hot dogs scattered through the barn, other dogs weaving in and out of downed dogs,
Dogs (1/2 & 1/2) downed on opposite sides of the barn and recall(come) was done and the dogs crossed each other.
Close proximity down stay (8 dogs within a 10' circle) for 10-20 min, without getting up while people are stepping over, calling, distracting with noise/toys/treats.
Commands were done via hand signal only toward the end, and working for food was phased out and working for toys/praise was phased in.

It was really good and he has done great. the trainer supported our decision, although she thinks he would do fine, but I dont feel like he is ready for total off leash work reliably at this point.

Not sure if I mentioned it earlier, he will be 9 mos next week.
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Wow!! Much more intense than our training!! I don't think we'll ever get to where you already are!!
Diane (and Dakota)
Just a question for much does it cost for training like this?
With Bandit's advanced training, I hope that Keith paid more!! At PetsMart where I take Dakota, it is $99 for each session: puppy, intermediate and advanced. Although we're not as advanced as Keith, I do really like Dakota's instructor--he learned dog training at the police acadamy . . .
Diane (and Dakota)
Basic was $95

Intermediate and Advanced are $185

WELL worth EVERY penny... but with ANY training the key is working the dog 2-3+ times a day for 15-30min per.

If you work them daily it reinforces everything and really helps you to maintain the heirarchy within the home, outside the home, and helps them to "GET IT" with ease and impress your trainer.

I cannot say enough about our trainer, she has been awesome, and best part... patient with our son to listen to his concerns and issues with his training sessions.

Him and Bandit are still working through their subordinance, but much better than it was a few months ago.
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