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allergic reaction

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On friday I applied Revolution, the parasite prevention and treatment liquid, to Sawyer's back. It was only the second treatment he has had and the first was fine, no issues at all. All of Friday night and into Saturday the poor baby was scratching and twitching uncontrollably! He could not even walk from how much his legs just wanted to come up and scratch himself all over. I called the vet and they thought it was an allergic reaction to the revolution and said they see it in a few of dogs. Benadryl and cool aloe baths eased the itch and the condition now seems to be gone. Has anyone had or heard of such a reaction to this product? I would love some feedback. Thanks.
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Poor Sawyer! I hope that he is feeling better by now...sorry that I didn't get to this sooner, although I don't have much insight on this...not from a canine perspective...but I know that humans can take something, say asprin, for years and then one day just become allergic to it.
I am glad that you were able to pinpoint this problem and get him treated. Bless his little heart.
Poor baby glad he is feeling better, I've never had a dog that has had a reaction to anything like this so can't add much on it. :(
My sister has a cat that will foam at the mouth and twitch when a topical flea treatment is put on it. Needless to say, it's now a strict indoor pet!
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