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AKC Survey about mixed breed dogs

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Hi everyone, this link was posted on another forum that I read...I thought I'd pass it along here.
The AKC is finally considering accepting mixed breed dogs in their competitions and shows...and they are asking "the Fancy" for their input.
Well, since I am not currently, nor have I ever been, connected with the Fancy, I can't respond...but I know that many of you do own AKC registered dogs.
Here is the link to the survey:
I know that this would mean a lot to many of you...but the importance of this survey, in my opinion, is that it is proof that the AKC is feeling the power of the "designer dog" movement...for what that is worth. :wink:
It may move the dogs closer to being accepted and if that is important to you, I thought you might want a chance to give some input.
There is a time limit, so you should respond soon.
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This was my answer in the comment section of the survey I just completed. I think it best explains my reaction to their opinion that the mixed breed is inferior to the purebreed.

"The AKC should be about dogs, not purebred or mixed breed classifications. An attitude that purebred is the only way to go is elitist and old news. Some seem to forget that the purebreed of today was the mixed breed of yesterday. Dogs should be bred for temperment and traits. I own both a purebred and mixed breed, "designer" dog. Both were selected for their unique traits and abilities."
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