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AKC Survey about mixed breed dogs

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Hi everyone, this link was posted on another forum that I read...I thought I'd pass it along here.
The AKC is finally considering accepting mixed breed dogs in their competitions and shows...and they are asking "the Fancy" for their input.
Well, since I am not currently, nor have I ever been, connected with the Fancy, I can't respond...but I know that many of you do own AKC registered dogs.
Here is the link to the survey:
I know that this would mean a lot to many of you...but the importance of this survey, in my opinion, is that it is proof that the AKC is feeling the power of the "designer dog" movement...for what that is worth. :wink:
It may move the dogs closer to being accepted and if that is important to you, I thought you might want a chance to give some input.
There is a time limit, so you should respond soon.
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I strongly urge people NOT to complete this survey

at all
The more people that do the chances of this being approved is higher,,LET the AKC people respond to this they will see to it it is NOT approved
this is just a way for the American Kennel club to get their greedy little hands into somthing they have discouraged and condemed for yrs
They have done nothing but Belittle the doodles from day one!!!

I for one do not want AKCs involvement in this, THEY are the reason that these dogs were bred in the first place, to produce a hybrid dog that was low shed and healthier,,I cannot understand why the australian (doodles) in america too are working so hard to get them registered thru akc,,its a death sentence to this breed as it has been to other breeds in the past, due to the line breeding and inbreeding involved to try to produce ,,"the perfect looking Dog"

Think about this before you complete the survey
and please note more then one time they go back to money

I reported this was going to happen last year(i have a friend on the board at AKC) i was basically laughed at by the doodle posters on other forums,,
Yet again im right, i just hope that everyone does everything in their power to vote against this for the health and well being of our breeds!!!!
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Right Linda

you hit the nail on the head,
Im so mad i could SPIT :lol:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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