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Airlines that ship

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I know not many of the breeders here ship, but to those who do or even those who have received their puppies by air, what airline did you use, and how did you feel about the service?

I'm contemplating bring Napa home to meet the family, but he's too big to come with me in the cabin- unless I can get him categorized as a service dog-- *side note: does therapy count as service*--

So, never the less, I'm trying to see what the best way would be to get him back to RI, and if anyone suggests trying this with a 7 mo old puppy? This wasn't the plan for Christmas. Anthony was supposed to take care of him, but now we're not so sure it would work. Push comes to shove, he'll take care of him. But I'd still like to investigate this. I really would like my family to meet my pride and joy!!!

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i am trying to see both sides of the story here.

I can see shipping a puppy to get to her/his new home but to fly across the US is hard enough on an adult alone, along with jet lag, and if you are staying a short time...well i wonder how much stress that is on a dog

1. Flight, length, environment etc
2. new house, new people
3. will the puppy upset any family if the puppy has accidents
4. then its another flight back and back to the regular routine again but how long before the puppy once again adjusts and settles in?

maybe i am thinking to much? hahhahaaa
and just consider this an outloud thought
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