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Aggressive neighbor dog!

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Our neighbor two doors down has a huge rottweiler that stays gated on her deck. When we were moving in he got loose and came over here and was growling at us. Our next door neighbor said "don't let him near your dog, he is very aggressive". Well, at that point I was ready to move again. But he didn't get loose again for quite awhile.

Then the other day I had Dex out in the back on a leash and I heard a low pitched bark from the side yard. I shoved Dex in the door (thank goodness it wasn't mid-poop :shock: ) and sure enough, there came the rott around the corner into my back yard! Then Kevin had the same thing happen to him and he took a chair from the deck and banged it on the deck to scare him away. I've started taking a tire tool out with me. I can't imagine hitting a dog, but I believe I would if I had to. So last night, Dex is going crazy growling at the front window, and I look out to see the rott coming up my side yard again. I looked the lady's number up and at 11:00 p.m. got her out of bed to tell her to corral her dog. She said "oh, he's not aggressive" and I corrected her. She came out and yelled for him and he went home. Maybe now she will keep him in but I doubt it. There is no animal control officer in this small town. I am about to call the mayor on it.

What would you do?
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This is my yard, I pay for it, and my dog should be able to enjoy it safely.
I agree with you 100%.... call your friend and see what she can find out...i.I know you don't want to alienate your new neighbor 'but'............maybe invite her over for coffee, and have a talk with her...let her know how frightened you and Dex and hubby are of the Rot...
We've got a similar situation at our place in NH...'George' the Weimarner is constantly on our property, pees on the vegetables, poops where he pleases, gets into the garbage if the garage door is open, and drives Molly and Raleigh nuts!! We installed the invisible fence, so that our dogs could run and have a great time up north...
P.S. We've called the police 4 times, who in turn calls the dog warden...we've seen the people in person twice, asking that they keep George contained...the second time we gave them a $50 gift certificate towards an invisible fence....still George is roaming....their neighbors have even shot paint balls at him, whch I don't like, because it's not George's fault, it's the gosh darn owners!!! Who by the way obviously have no regard for their neighbors, or property...THERE...sorry I vented, and I wish you luck...because we certainly haven't had any...luckily, George is quite docile...
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