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"Advertising" Litters is not permitted!

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Hi guys,

A quick reminder to everyone that advertising pups for sale is not permitted in the forum. Breeders, feel free to discuss your new litters in the Breeder's Forum, but please avoid blatant self-promotion. I know there's a fine line sometimes between discussion and promotion... :roll:

Here's an example of a "puppy discussion", which is OK..

In fact, I have one great little puppy...he is very special (smart as the dickens!) and I have someone interested in him, because they like the flat coat...but I wanted to ask you breeders about his coat.

I noticed today that he is shedding! (F1B) I have already told this buyer about the shedding and mentioned that I would write in to the forums to get advice.
Here's an example of "Advertising" of a litter...
We have 5 f1b puppies for sale, please visit our website!
Speaking of blatant self-promotion... if you're a breeder and need to sell a litter, I advertising on our homepage for a month would be GREAT way to advertise your kennel. Our homepage receives about 1,000 unique visitors every day. :D
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No harm has been done.

My main concern is that because of the popularity of this website and these forums that this forum could quickly degrade into a free-for-all listing of breeders and litters for sale.

Thanks for being so understanding, everyone!
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