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My husband and I are hoping to welcome an adult labradoodle or goldendoodle into our family - preferably, one retiring from breeding and/or needing to be re-homed. My husband is retired, and we live on a spacious piece of fenced in land in Westport, Connecticut.

While we have had many pets over the years, we've never had a dog. Our daughter is grown and living on her own, and we feel that the time is right for this new experience. We've given it a great deal of consideration. We have much love and attention to share, and the means, space and time to make our new loved one very happy.

I am a teacher, so it would be ideal to transition our new family member into our home in late spring or early summer 2017 when we will both be home for a few months. Please reply here if you know of a match for my husband and me.

Thank you!
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