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Will the presence of ads in the forum bother you?

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Site Webmaster Mark here, with a question... I'm in need of your feedback!

This website is funded by a "breeder directory". The forums are 100% free, and are designed as a way to bring traffic in to the site, and to allow breeders and owners to help each other.

I'm playing with the idea of putting Google adsense ads at the top of the forum... they're there right now.

I don't control the ad content, and so it's possible that a breeder with another site may have Google ads that wind up in our forum.

My question is this:
If you're a breeder paying for a listing on this website, would the presense of ads in the forums bother you?

Please keep in mind that the ads don't show up in the "breeder directory" part of the site.... only in the forums and the photo gallery. Visitors that come in via the homepage and don't visit the forums would never see the ads.

The ads in the forum will help pay for the bandwith that the forum uses... also, there is a little bit of time involved in keeping the software and other security issues up to date on the forum and photo gallery.

Please be honest with me and tell me what you think. I'm going to leave them up for a few days so you can see what I'm talking about. Please respond to this post or PM me... or at least vote in the poll!

Thanks for making this form a great success!

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