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I just adopted a blond doddle from our local shelter and had questions. My new Lizzie Doodle is 6 mths old and from the puppy test I performed, seems to have a very nice, gentle, active personality. I love her already. :D

I do have some questions:
Her coat is straight & fairly coarse, it's not soft at all. I saw yall mentioned "blow-out", what is this, when does it happen? Will her appearance change after this happens? Can I trim her short in summer, or should I not? It's incredible hot here in summer for dogs.

I have a very sweet, but large, 6 year old doberwomen & I'm slightly concerned about adjustment. Our dobie is active, raised with other dogs & gets along with the ones she knows well. Is there any concern about having 2 females in one house permanently? My husband thinks so...

How do I groom my new Doddle?

Are there any special needs/attention I should be aware of?

Any scoop on Doodle swimming? (Our excercise routine includes swimming every other day for an hour).

Anything else I need to now?

I have no history on Lizzie, except that she was bought as a gift for a 5yr then became "too much" for the family. Unbelievable! Thanks for all the advice.


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My doodles love to swim! I have a kiddie pool from Walmart that they use daily! I want to thank you for adopting a doodle from a shelter. If it's the same Lizzie I am thinking of, she was just too cute! I have one fluffy doodle, and one that is wirey and sort of coarse. He does not need any grooming. My longer haired one is going to get groomed here soon. I love her shaggy look, but it is a bit of work. The fur actually acts as a shield from the heat to keep them cool, but a lot of people do groom them shorter for the summer. Congratulations on your new doodle.
I am sure she will get along great with your other dog just fine. They are easily accomodated, and love bugs!

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Hey, and welcome to the forums!! This is a great place to get loads of great information...the people here are very helpful.

I just want to say its great you adopted a dog from a shelter, I always love to hear stories like that.

Now about grooming, the only thing I do is brush my doodle everyday, it does help with shedding. And I trim the hair over his eyes and sometimes his beard. His hair isnt curly, its just wavy so I havent had to take him in for a haircut yet. If you click on the link under my name you will see his pic!!

My doodle loves the water, he loves to play in the sprinklers and he really loves to swim. He even loves it when I walk him in the rain, its really funny actually..he gets so excited. (there is pics of him in the sprinkler in the stories section). So I would definately bring her to go swimming with you, I think she will love it...its worth the try at least!

Enjoy your new doodle :D

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Welcome to the forum!

If you want help posting pics here is some help.

Photobucket actually makes it easiest... if you upload your pics into (its free to join) then just copy and paste the code at the bottom of the picture that you want to post. THere are three different codes and for this forum you want to use the one that has in it.

if you're using shutterfly or another photo site try this:

1. type [IMG]
2. paste the address of the pic (get this by right clicking on the pic, going to properties, and then copy the address listed in the properties window)
3. type (dont forget the backslash on this second one)

do this all without spaces and you should be good to go!
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