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Addison's Disease ??

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Tanner went to vet on Saturday because of chronic diarrhea (now happening weekly) and he was having pain and distress. He was given meds which we tried to give him but since he won't eat, we were not successful.

This AM, after a miserable night for all of us, I took him back to vet. The vet says his symptoms indicate a possibility of Addison's disease. They are running blood tests on him to determine if they need to do the ACTH test for Addison's. They are also going to do an ultra-sound. The poor guy is so miserable...very lethargic. Hopefully by the end of today we may have some answers and what we can do to return him to his previous healthy, frisky self.
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I am sorry, Annie, but take heart...Addisons is treatable and is routinely consdiered when dogs have similar symptoms.
Addisons must be diagnosed by a series of tests, even if the blood test comes back positive, there are more tests...but testing and diagnosing doesn't really change anything...they treat it the same as they would with any intestinal upset...with diet change and, if you change his diet, he should improve a lot...and often what was actually causing the problem goes away, not to return again...sometimes it isn't Addisons at all.
Oh, Annie, I am so happy that the vet has ruled out Addisons!

My Bayley went through something similar...we really worried about her...she was tested for Addisons too and I considered spaying her. This was before her first litter...and I am so glad that I waited, she is 100% fine now!

She has the Poodle eating habits, she nibbles, but she is lean, strong and very healthy. I know that Tanner will be fine too.
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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