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Addison's Disease ??

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Tanner went to vet on Saturday because of chronic diarrhea (now happening weekly) and he was having pain and distress. He was given meds which we tried to give him but since he won't eat, we were not successful.

This AM, after a miserable night for all of us, I took him back to vet. The vet says his symptoms indicate a possibility of Addison's disease. They are running blood tests on him to determine if they need to do the ACTH test for Addison's. They are also going to do an ultra-sound. The poor guy is so miserable...very lethargic. Hopefully by the end of today we may have some answers and what we can do to return him to his previous healthy, frisky self.
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Yes, the doctor did mention stress and with selling our house, Tanner has really been stressed out. I also noticed that his weekly bouts with diarrhea started after grooming, daycare...that sort of thing. His symptoms are repeated bouts of diarrhea lately every week, fatigue, listless, pain, not eating. He will be up 3 or 4 times a night and when we take him outside he just paces back and forth. His stool has been negative the last 3 times.
Tanner's blood work and ultra sound did not indicate that the test for Addison's was necessary. The vet thinks what he has is IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome) and he thinks it is food allergy caused....something about the long protein molecules. He is being put on a special diet plus meds to get rid of the inflammation. He wants to try this for 2 months then he will re-check him and maybe eventually put him on another single protein food if he can tolerate it.

Hope this works...DH has gone to pick the poor guy up.
Annie I am glad to hear Tanner doesn't have Addison's. Please keep me posted as Maya struggles with this on and off too!
Tanner's IBS got to the point where he was having diarrhea every week for about 2 days. We would get it cleared up and then it would happen the next week. We tried several different foods which only made it worse. Finally, there was not clearing it up with out meds.

This AM he is much better, eating his new diet and bringing the ball to play fetch. I think we are on the right tract.

These last two vet visits totalled $850....I will let you know how Metropolitan does on paying..the vet listed it as recheck from the visit of 6 weeks ago.

Oh and we have sold our house so the stress of having many strangers coming through his house is over.....Now he will just have to deal with a new place to live.
We still have the trainer coming on Friday and she is aware of his IBS and all the moves ahead. She said she will work with us to help him through these changes.

Vet called to check up on Tanner today (man was I impressed) said he thinks we are on the right track and call and give him a report a 2 weeks. (I have a hard time looking at him cause he looks exactly like Ron Weasley (Harry Potter's pal)....makes me laugh :p :p :p
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Thanks for all the good wishes! Tanner is doing much better except for the razor burn from shaving for the ultrasound.

We feel very fortunate to have a buyer. Today is the house inspection and hopefully it will go well then all will be set.

DH is frantically looking for a rental house that will allow us to have Tanner and our cat, Humphrey. We get to stay in our house for the rehearsal dinner on June 20 then have to be out by July 1.

DD is getting married June 21 then we just wait. We retire the end of May 2009 and will be moving to Sun City in Bluffton, SC.
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