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Addison's Disease ??

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Tanner went to vet on Saturday because of chronic diarrhea (now happening weekly) and he was having pain and distress. He was given meds which we tried to give him but since he won't eat, we were not successful.

This AM, after a miserable night for all of us, I took him back to vet. The vet says his symptoms indicate a possibility of Addison's disease. They are running blood tests on him to determine if they need to do the ACTH test for Addison's. They are also going to do an ultra-sound. The poor guy is so miserable...very lethargic. Hopefully by the end of today we may have some answers and what we can do to return him to his previous healthy, frisky self.
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awwwh...poor Tanner. I know nothing about Addison's disease so I read a quick article on the internet...sounds like it is very treatable...but of course it would be best to not have to medicate him. I hope everything goes well at the vet!!!
well I'm glad to hear it may be something that can be corrected with a food change. What are you feeding Tanner? As you know we did the whole single protein food...we had success with duck/potato and now fish/sweet potato food. The fish may be even better because our vet said duck is somewhat similar to chicken and dogs can have trouble with both.

There are many different varities, we use Natural Balance (Dick Van Patten)...they sell biscuits of the same flavor too.
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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