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Addison's Disease ??

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Tanner went to vet on Saturday because of chronic diarrhea (now happening weekly) and he was having pain and distress. He was given meds which we tried to give him but since he won't eat, we were not successful.

This AM, after a miserable night for all of us, I took him back to vet. The vet says his symptoms indicate a possibility of Addison's disease. They are running blood tests on him to determine if they need to do the ACTH test for Addison's. They are also going to do an ultra-sound. The poor guy is so miserable...very lethargic. Hopefully by the end of today we may have some answers and what we can do to return him to his previous healthy, frisky self.
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oh ((((((((annie and tanner))))))))))))))
I sure you get to the cause of the problem and get Tanner back on track and feeling well again.

keep us posted honey
that is great new all the way around...Tanner is feeling better and
you sold your home and isn't your daughter also getting married end of June?

hope everything continues to go smoothly for you remember stay off the ankle so it can heal :wink:
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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