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Accidents at night

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Hey Everybody!
My Dora is getting big and is doing great. The main problem we have is at night. I take her out before I got to bed around 11:30-12 and then I take her out at 6 when the alarm goes off. She just can't seem to hold it. She is as quiet as a mouse all night so I don't know when she goes. I have tried taking up her water at night but that doesn't help. She won't use pads or paper, she thinks they are lots of fun to tear up. :roll: I really don't mind mopping in the morning either but the worst part is that she lays in it. Then of course she stinks terribly. The groomer says she is trying to hide it. Any suggestions please???
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Beth and Dora
P.S. The worst thing happened to Dora sister! They let her outside (they live in the country back from the road) and my friends husband heard a truck pull up. When he went outside to see who it was, the truck was gone and so was the puppy! They have no idea who would do such a thing and they are heart broken. So am I!! :(
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Hi Beth,

Just trying to understand? Does she go in her crate, or is she not crated at night? I would definitely advise to crate her consistently at night...
Wow, only now did I read the second part of your post about Dora's sister!!! How terrible!! Did they report it? What did the police say? Was the sister already chipped/tattood? Unbelievable that someone would do that!!!
Hi Beth,

Young pups definitely need to be crated at night. Confinement is fine during the day when you leave to make sure they do not get into trouble, but as to pottytraining etc, nothing beats the crate. It works based on the den instict of canines - a canine will never soil their den. I highly doubt Dora will consider the confined space in the kitchen as her den, only a crate will play on that instinct.

I don't see any other solution to your problem but to crate her...

good luck,

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