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A sigh of relief, prayer of thanks (OT)

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You know I don't have TV yet, but I was on pogo playing games and someone mentioned an interstate collapsing into the mississippi in Minneapolis. I immediately went to and read the horrible story. I began frantically dialing my daughter, and all I could get was "circuits busy" messages. I kept dialing and finally got through. She had received a call at 4:30 p.m. to come in for overtime, which she's been doing lately for extra money. She said "mom, something told me to turn this one down, so I did. If I hadn't, I'd have been right in the middle of it." She still doesn't know how she'll get to work tomorrow, as she doesn't know of an alternate route to the 35W bridge. She's watching the horrible coverage of it live now, and thanking God she had a gut feeling that kept her home.

Are any of our friends here in Minneapolis? Hoping everyone is safe, and feeling the relief only a mother can feel when a child is in danger.
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Thanks everyone! I got good news yesterday and not-so-good news today. My grandbaby is very ill. I too am more spiritual than religious. But whatever your beliefs are, please send him some positive energy, he's going to need it.
His name is Gabe, and he's just turned 6. It's a bad situation, the daddy is quite a bit older than my daughter, he was 27 and she 16 when they had Gabe. He managed to finagle custody from her and has alienated her from Gabe's life. He also tries to do so with me, I only see him on Christmas and birthdays and anytime Tim needs extra cash (yes, I PAY to see my grandson). Anyway, don't get me started! Thank goodness his other grandparents are good and decent people.

Sue called me today. She said Gabe had spent 10 days, including his birthday, in Children's hospital. He has developed very very severe epilepsy. He is having so many seizures they can't even count them. They have him on 4 meds and they are not working. He has suffered brain damage to his right brain. The way Sue explained, if he begins to experience damage to his left brain, they will do surgery, to essentially kill his right brain, and this will leave him paralized on his left side. He's such an adorable loving child. She says he's taking it in stride and thinks when he's in the hospital, he's king of the hill and should be spoiled beyond recognition, which of course he gets :wink: I feel so helpless in this situation. Even though we only see each other every 6 months or so, we are very close and he is grandma's pride and joy.

I just don't know what to do for my sweet boy.
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