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A little drowned rat

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OK, I knew better...I let Tyke stay outside with me while I washed the boat down after our trip this weekend. I knew she loves water, but I didn't know HOW much - she attacked the hose and was chasing the water stream all over the yard! I went ahead and let her play (wish I could have taken pictures of that, but I sort of had my hands full!) When we were done, I picked her up and took her straight to the bath tub. Here she is about to go into the tub!

Another "soggy" shot:

And a few hours later, after a session with the blowdryer and brush, she is ready for bed!

She was sound asleep a few minutes after this picture!

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Tyke you look like you had alot of fun. Doodles and water make tons of fun.
I take that rat infestation any time!! Too cute! :lol:
oh how cute!!

Just wait for the summer...I can't believe how much Dexter loves the hose/sprinkler...
She is a pretty little curly girl - I love that look on her face :lol:
glad you had a fun time with the water hose Tyke, I still don't like water

You look nice and comfy after your bath

love Annabelle
What a little snuggle-butt in that last photo!! :D
Just like the little snuggle-butts in your avatar, Mike! I love that pic too!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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